BPP Learning Media Ltd Succeeding in the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT)

The Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) is used by admissions staff as part of the application process for entry to a number of and veterinary schools in UK. Places these courses are heavily oversubscribed so it is vital that


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Jason Aronson, Inc. Helping Families to Change

With an emphasis on learning to change through other modalities than speech, this book discusses importance of non verbal body experience and awareness of kinetic cues in interpersonal relationships. A number of meditative exercises includ


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Routledge BNVR: The Butt Non Verbal Reasoning Test

The BNVR Test is a unique non linguistic approach for identifying whether a cognitive (problem solving) deficit as well as a exists in individuals with acquired aphasia. Recognising deficits in terms of


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Cambridge University Press Multimedia Learning

Although verbal learning offers a powerful tool, Mayer explores ways of going beyond the purely verbal. Recent advances in graphics technology and information have prompted new efforts to understand potential of multimedia


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Springer Study Skills and Test Taking Strategies for Medical Students

Study Skills and Test Taking Strategies for Medical Students: Find Use Your Personal Learning Style provides techniques that identify apply the medical student's personal learning style to specific study


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Alpha LD SAT Study Guide

The first SAT guide for students with learning disabilities. For the growing number of who take each year, studying test is even more grueling than it is traditional s


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Open University Press Nurses! Test Yourself In Anatomy & Physiology

This book is designed as a study aid and revision guide for student nurses undertaking their anatomy physiology module. It will test students learning help identify knowledge gaps.


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Multilingual Matters Crosslinguistic Influence and Distinctive Patterns

This book details patterns of language use that can be found in the writing of adult immigrant learners of Norwegian as a second (L2). Each study draws its data from a single corpus of texts written for a proficiency test of L2


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BPP Learning Media Ltd Succeeding in the UKCAT Revised 5th Edition

This is a fully updated 5th Edition of a very popular and successful title. thoroughly revised edition puts the role of UK Clinical Aptitude Test in broader context of part it plays in application process to Medical Dental


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Open University Press Paramedics! Test Yourself In Anatomy And Physiology

This self test book of assessment questions and quizzes that is designed to both paramedic students learning help them understand their knowledge gaps by explaining answers to included.


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